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Creating Mindful Spaces for Children

Recently I lead an in-person Calm Kids Yoga Teacher Training and one of the ECE's who took the training sent me some photos of the Wellness & Meditation Corner she developed in her kinder classroom. Amazing!!! 🥰

In her words: "I have built yoga into my class by completely changing the cold impersonal sick bed area into a warm, inviting, calm inducing area that shows they are cared for and respected. I also added a worry tree and discussed faces and feelings and added feeling words for them to grab and hang on the tree. I have created a yoga basket with a battery candle, beautiful zen blanket, meditation chime, lavender and grape seed oil bottle, feathers and notes on poses and I look forward to beginning yoga sessions and meditation."💚

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1 Comment

Rachel Meana
Rachel Meana
Dec 29, 2022

This is a great idea! i truly believe that creating a space for practicing meditation and yoga is essential for the children to apply, because as educators we are sending that message to the children in letting them know how important their mindfulness are to us. It helps the children relieve stress by having a relaxing and quiet time to ponder and think for awhile in just plain silence, away from the busy world. This environment invites just that.

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