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123 Petit Pas - children’s first little steps towards bilingualism

🙏Meet Amy Maan - the creator of 123 Petits Pas Ottawa

Recently I had the great pleasure of interviewing Amy Maan the creator and driving force behind 123 Petits Pas Ottawa. Have a listen!

🌟123 Petits Pas offers a variety of French programs & workshops for parents and young children (ages 0 – 4 years) throughout the Ottawa region and now online❗️

🌞This program aims to provide Ottawa’s little ones with a fun French environment while offering parents (and ECE's) the opportunity to take part in their children’s first little steps towards bilingualism.

💲Discount: Amy has generously offered a 30% discount on her brand new online program! In these times of uncertainty, quarantine and self-isolation this discount is such a lovely gift. Use the code: 123Code30 to receive your discount! (Limited time offer)

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