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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Learn How to Teach Yoga and Simple Meditation to Young Children:

A comprehensive guide for Early Childhood Educators

Specialized Training for ECE's and Early Years Teachers


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Training that fits your schedule
 No pressure, no rush

This recognized yoga certification program was designed specifically for Early Childhood Educators and other early years specialists.

Professional Development that will make a real difference in your work with children.

Gain skills that are practical and can be implemented right away.

Mental Health: Yoga for young children is very much about creating opportunities for them to "feel" what is going on in their bodies.  In this training facilitators will learn how to help children recognize emotions and notice tension/stress in their bodies. This aspect of the training is all about strengthening emotional competence and supporting self-regulation.

Kinesthetic Learning: Movement and gross motor play is also central to this training.  Children's yoga is all about playing games that encourage movement, imagination and fun. There is a focus on dramatic and pretend play through creative movement. Movement is linked to the breath and works on calming the central nervous system thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Play-Based Fun: Toys, pictures, music and stories are all used to introduce yoga movements and concepts. Some yoga philosophy is also introduced by using concepts related to kindness and compassion for self and others through storytelling.     

Children Meditating
Mother and daughter doing exercise home.
The Power of Yoga

By incorporating yoga into early years classrooms teachers help to cultivate an environment where children can feel happier, calmer and more cooperative.


Children will learn skills to support self-regulation, body awareness and relaxation.


Yoga helps to increase focus and concentration as well as encourage and support self-confidence and self-control. 

Teacher Training Certification Program


This unique training is designed specifically for Early Childhood Educators, Elementary School Teachers and other Early Years Specialists.

Calm Kids Yoga is a

Registered Canadian

Yoga Alliance School

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