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Learn How to Teach Yoga to Young Children

A Comprehensive Guide for Early Childhood Educators 
Online Course
Now a self-paced option: Training that fits your schedule and your life



Course Format & Materials:​

  • 8 Comprehensive Learning Modules

  • Recorded Live Video Classes via Zoom

  • Self-paced Learning That Fits Your Schedule

  • Lifetime Access to All Course Materials​

  • State-of-the-Art Learning Platform

  • Comprehensive Teacher Manual

  • Active Learning & Practice Teaching

  • Sample Activity Plans for Different Age Groups

  • Printable & Downloadable PDF Resources

  • Demo Videos

  • Sample Audio Meditations

  • Private Online Learning Community

  • Calm Kids Yoga Certificate Recognized By Canadian Yoga Alliance


About the Modules:

Module 1: All About Yoga and How It Can Help Calm Big Emotions

Calming big emotions, learning self-regulation and reducing stress can be difficult for children. You will learn yoga techniques that can help with these challenges. Whether you are a newbie to yoga or have been practicing for some time, there is so much to learn. We will start with the basics and build from there.

Module 2: All About Managing Restlessness: Tuning-in & Finding Control

Do you find your children have difficulty settling themselves and sometimes have too much energy? You will learn techniques to help children tune into their bodies and learn how to calm themselves.

Module 3: All About Managing Challenging Behaviours: Yoga Techniques That Help

Do your children demonstrate difficult or challenging behaviours? You will learn how to build specific practices into your early childhood setting that develop listening skills and increase focus and concentration skills.

Module 4: All About Bringing More Cooperation and Kindness into Your Classroom

You will learn teaching strategies that invite children to experience and express gratitude and kindness toward themselves and others. Concepts that support compassion and co-operation are key aspects of this training.

Module 5: How to Calm the Chaos During Routines & Transitions

Learn techniques that help busy transitions & routines run smoother. You will learn practical ways of building specific activities into your daily schedule to help calm the chaos.

Module 6: All About Settling Over-Active Bodies and Using Excess Energy

Learn yoga postures and sequences that harness excess energy and teach intentional healthy movement. Learn poses and postures to increase body awareness, strengthen balance and increase coordination, all in a fun-filled child-friendly way!

Module 7: All About Finding Quiet in a Busy World

You will learn simple, age appropriate meditations and mindfulness practices that allow your children to find and feel peace in their bodies, minds and hearts.

Module 8: All About Creating and Committing to a Realistic Teaching Plan

You will be guided through a process to help you visualize and build yoga and mindfulness into your work with young children. You will learn how to create a practical, functional and totally do-able plan for your specific work environment.

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