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About Calm Kids Yoga Training

Who is Calm Kids Yoga Training for?

This Children's Yoga Certification is designed specifically for Early Childhood Educators, Elementary School Teachers and other Early Years Specialists. Parents and Yoga Teachers also benefit from this training.


Play and learning is central to this training. Through the use of games, songs, storytelling and a supportive, interactive learning environment, participants will learn specific tools, and teaching techniques they can use immediately.


What benefits does yoga provide children?


By incorporating yoga into children's lives we help to cultivate an environment where they can feel happier, calmer and more cooperative. Through the practice of yoga children will learn skills to help support self-regulation, body awareness and relaxation. Learning yoga helps to increase focus and concentration as well as encourage and support self-confidence and self-control. 


Program Description:

  • Yoga philosophy and benefits for children

  • Yoga as a helping and teaching tool

  • Ages & Stages: Child Development and yoga

  • Playing with yoga through games, music and movement

  • Sample classes for preschool and early years teachers

  • Storytelling and meditations

  • Practice teaching

  • Home Study


Course Materials:

  • Complete Calm Kids Yoga Teacher Course Manual

  • Sample Activity Plans for different age groups

  • Calm Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate

  • Comprehensive Children’s Yoga Resource List

Calm Kids Yoga is a Registered Canadian Yoga Alliance School

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